Underwriting on SPACO

Like National Public Radio, WGBH and other public broadcasters public access in not for profit, and expenses frequently out pace revenues. Like our larger cousins access stations seek out underwriters to help make ends meet. Access is paid for through a small percentage of the fees charged to cable subscribers. Underwriters allow us to do more for our communities by supporting programs that we might otherwise not be able to support.

How does underwriting at SPACO work?

An underwriters dollars allows us procure new and better equipment, and support programs that are just too valuable to the local community to miss producing. Here are some examples:

  1.  Underwriters help support ongoing purchases of replacement equipment like microphones, cameras, computers. Public access stations can no longer depend upon the money from cable system operators like Comcast to support all the needed equipment enhancements and replacements.
  2.  Underwriting, or producing an access show is an investment in your community.  Outside of large cities local access produces the only truly local programming on television. Underwriting dollars are put directly to work supporting programs and procuring equipment needed to create those shows.

Advantages to Underwriters of shows:

Depending upon the level of support benefits can include:

  •     For underwriters of shows your company logo, business sign or place of business will be part of the beginning and ending “wrappers” of the show you are underwriting.
  •     A 30 second underwriters spot playing 15 to 24 times each day between shows on all three of our stations. The spot is professionally produced, and can be hosted on our Vimeo site for embedding on your web site. We will also upload the spot to Youtube so it can get wider internet play.
  •     Your corporate logo ( with web link) prominently featured on our website. Beginning in 2014 we will be streaming prerecorded shows and a government channel from our site. Visitors will not only know of your community support, they’ll be able to link directly from our site to yours.


Feel free to contact me for further information:

Lou Carreras, Executive Director, Shirley Public Access:

lou@shirleytv.org or (978) 425-2600 x425


Here's a sample 30 second underwriter piece as seen on SPACO 8, 9, and 99.

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