Our Team

The SPACO team is made up of talented individuals who bring a wealth of experience in technical and creative fields.  Join the team!

Lou Carreras, Executive Director

Lou Carreras is a practicing anthropologist (educated at Boston University and University of Pennsylvania). During twenty five years of non-academic career he has worked for a wide variety of clients, including: The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts Arts Council, Department of Interior, Smithsonian Institution and Kraft General Foods. His specialty is the creation of cultural programs for public and educational venues. Unique programming activities he has been involved with include the City of Cambridge's Heritage Center, the Smithsonian's Festival of American Folklife, The New England Folklife Center in Lowell (Department of Interior), and Kraft General Foods Diversity programs.

As a non-academic antropologist, Lou has concentrated on pragmatic everyday approaches to making cultural programs relevant to the public. As a result, he has produced newspaper articles, edited a community newspaper, worked as a videographer, folklorist and as a community historian.

Lou is interested in creating the volunteer base, and community effort, which makes Access Television work. Access Television is television created by you for your neighbors. Lou will work with all comers interested in working on SPACO programs, or creating their own programs for broadcast on SPACO's Channel 8.

Calling Lou is your first step towards an interesting community television experience. SPACO will provide you with the training, and back up assistance, needed to help make exciting television for the Town of Shirley.

Contact Lou at lou@shirleytv.org

Justin Prokowiew, Video Production

Frank Esielionis,Tech Production Specialist

Contact Frank at FAEsso@aol.com

Michael Labbe, Web and Technical Volunteer

Mike Labbe maintains the SPACO website and assists with technical support at the station.

Contact Mike at mike@shirleytv.org

The Community!, Video Content

Lots of local programming comes from community volunteer videographers, including Charlie Church, Holly Haase, Hazen Library Staff, ASRMS Students, and more!  If you'd like to submit footage from your event, contact lou@shirleyty.org.

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